CEO Massimiliano Imbimbo

Joined: 30/09/2019


I am realizing the first widespread incubator, of which I will be director, together with the Province of Avellino, the Municipality of Avellino and other Irpinia Municipalities, the Diocese and further institutional partners.

I made the largest Nintendo community in Italy in just 3 years, surpassing existing portals / sites for much longer, and occupying a prominent place as a Nintendo Italy partner for organizing events, communication and marketing vertically on national territory.

The project was born as a fan-made, we have never invested huge financial resources, and I managed to carry out a project, supported by a staff of 20 people only motivating them daily and listening to their needs and goals.

To date NintendOn is a big family, and it is developing even more with community territories and through the eSports sphere.