Aggiornato: 30/09/2019

Solution provider

Hearth is a digital platform that aims to enhance hidden territories and guide tourists in their exploration

 Hearth was born as an open-source digital platform to allow municipalities and businesses to upload content to build a unique user experience through app exploration of the territory by tourists and citizens.

The need arose having observed significant investments by the PA for the construction of portals and tourist sites, analyzing the tools used by travelers, but above all the obvious given that 90% of Italy's cultural and natural heritage is "invisible" from a tourism and knowledge point of view.

Hearth is a project for the enhancement of the territory that operates through a network of our tourist operators, which collect, re-elaborate and / or digitize the contents of the relative territories, and the cooperation and synergy with GALs, EPTs and Municipalities for the rediscovery of cultural heritage, "invisible" food and wine and nature of Italy.

The innovation consists of the platform and digital infrastructure created in-house, which acts as a link and catalyst for the various actors in the tourism sector, and is usable for users through an innovative app developed by a development team from the Developer Academy of Apple.

While others see tourism operators as competitors, we look at them as possible partners and bearers of value, since we channel their offers through our platform and thus feed our business model, so our value proposition is the possibility to catalyze all the possible actors of the territory.

It's an "Hearth", a fireplace, the more it is fed and the more it grows.

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