Where culture meets innovation

Culture and Creativity Club is a contest created and promoted by University of Macerata and CreaHUB, UniMC's Ideas lab and META Group S.r.l., in collaboration with Fondazione Symbola.

The aim of the Contest is to select, reward and promote 11 innovative ideas/solutions that are responding to specific challenges in the cultural and creative sector and after a mentorship and development program, will be launched on the market.

On the digital platform will be possible to launch challenges and find original and innovative solutions. A place to work among the different actors makes the cultural ecosystem lively and collaborative and where a challenge turns into a new business opportunity.

Culture and Creativity Club promotes and supports the interaction between companies in the creative and cultural sector and innovators (citizens, associations, researchers, start-ups and other companies), meet the needs in the sectors of independent publishing, business training and digital gaming animation.


Sei un imprenditore nel settore dell’editoria indipendente e avverti l’esigenza di far “uscire” il libro cartaceo dai soliti spazi verso nuovi canali di distribuzione? O forse sei affermato nel campo dell’animazione e del digital gaming e vuoi puntare a far crescere l’industria culturale attraverso la diffusione delle nuove tecnologie? O più semplicemente ti occupi di formazione per il business ed hai un’idea originale per migliorare il rapporto con il cliente? Allora questa piattaforma sembra proprio fare al caso tuo!

Stiamo cercando sfide concrete da lanciare ad imprenditori e ad innovatori nei settori dell’industria culturale e creativa.

Stiamo cercando sfide che possano essere replicabili e scalabili, capaci di risolvere problemi reali di interesse collettivo.

Sviluppa la tua sfida seguendo i criteri della piattaforma, pubblicala online e raggiungi gli imprenditori e gli innovatori nel settore dell’industria creativa per attirare soluzioni adeguate alle tue esigenze.

Are you a solver?

Check if your original idea is able to solve a specific problem! Watch the challenges proposed by the owners of the challenges and get involved! Be part of the first national platform that connects demand and offer, helping to improve the urban ecosystem in the creative culture sector. Increase your business network and get more visibility. If your proposal is selected, you will be entitled to a mentorship path to launch your idea on the market. Be inspired by all the open challenges and broaden your horizons with Culture and Creativity Club!

What is cultural innovation?

Cultural innovation is a process of change, based on strategies and ideas that lead to satisfy the development of a specific community.

In Italy the cultural and creative sector has faced important changes over the last decade. The digitalization is a transforming force for all sectors. It changes the products and services creation, and how to put them on the market and their use. This change is particularly emphasized in the creative industries.

What is certain is that technology has brought and will continue to make significant changes in the cultural industry. A new architecture ecosystem is emerging that shows great opportunities. The integrated consumer experience is at the center of the most successful business models, increasingly fulfilled by new market incomings or partnerships between new incomings and players already present on the market.

This platform was created in virtue of that technology become a part of the urban system, and with the determination to connect innovators with the highlighted challenges by active companies in the cultural and creative sector at national and international level.

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